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Add Bean-to-Bar Chocolate in Baking Recipes!

Add Bean-to-Bar Chocolate in Baking Recipes!

As a chocolate connoisseur, I've had the pleasure of trying many different types of Marsatta bean-to-bar chocolate, and I have to say, I'm impressed. The depth of flavor and complexity in these chocolates is truly remarkable.

One of my favorite ways to use bean-to-bar chocolate is in baking. The chocolate's rich, intense flavor is the perfect complement to a wide variety of recipes. For example, in my chocolate chip cookies recipe, I swapped out traditional chocolate chips for chopped bean-to-bar chocolate. The result was a cookie with a deeper, more complex chocolate flavor that was simply irresistible.

Another recipe I enjoy is a gluten-free chocolate cake made with almond flour and bean-to-bar chocolate. The chocolate's fruity notes paired perfectly with the nuttiness of the almond flour, creating a truly decadent dessert.

But bean-to-bar chocolate isn't just for desserts. I also love using it to make savory dishes. One of my favorite recipes is a mole sauce made with bean-to-bar chocolate, chili peppers, and spices. The chocolate adds a depth of flavor and complexity to the sauce that is truly unmatched.

And if you're looking for a simple, yet elegant way to enjoy bean-to-bar chocolate, try melting it and using it as a fondue. Dip in fresh fruit, cookies or pretzels for a satisfying and delicious treat.

It is worth mentioning that when using bean-to-bar chocolate in your cooking it is important to note that because it is made from high-quality cocoa beans, it may have a higher cocoa percentage than traditional chocolate, so you may need to adjust the amount used in a recipe accordingly.

Overall, bean-to-bar chocolate is a versatile and delicious ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of recipes. From cookies and cakes to savory dishes and fondue, the possibilities are truly endless. I highly recommend giving it a try in your own kitchen and experiencing the incredible depth of flavor for yourself.

Try it today in your Recipes!


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