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Cisco Chocolate Tasting

Cisco Chocolate Tasting

A Special Tasting with Chef Jeffray and Marsatta Chocolate
July 13th, 2024
11:00am PST



Company: Marsatta Chocolate (Los Angeles)
Host: Chef Jeffray D. Gardner 



Act 1: Introduction to Marsatta Chocolate and What is Bean-to-Bar?

  • Tasting:  74% Dark Chocolate Bar (more details)
  • How is chocolate made? What is special about Marsatta Chocolate? 
  • Trivia: What is special about Pasadena's Rose Bowl? Who won it this year? (hint: It wasn't Duke 😇). 

Act 2: Got Milk? 

  • Tasting:  55% G.O.A.T. of GOAT Chocolate Bar (more details)
  • Chocolate Texture 
    • See (Color of the chocolate)
    • Hear (How is the snap of the chocolate)
    • Feel (How does smoothness compare with the previous chocolates)
    • Taste (What notes do you get)
  • Trivia: Why is the name of the Goat who provided the milk for our bars? 

Act 3: Taste of the Ocean

  • Tasting:  89% Maple Pacifica (more details)
  • Chocolate Texture 
  • Travel: How do we harvest our salt? Where do we get it from? 

 Act 4: Chocolate for Others 

  • Tasting:  98% Sunny's Rays with Monkfruit (more details)
  • A Chocolate with a purpose -> Aimed for Children with Diabetes 
  • Trivia : Why monkfruit? 


 Act 5: Lets Get Bold...1 Ingredient 

  • Tasting:  100% Crystal Label  (more details)
  • A link between cacao beans/ nibs and chocolate
  • Tasting:  100% Organic Nibs  (more details)
  • Trivia : What else can you do with Cacao Nibs



  • 12 Question Pop Quiz and 500 Worded Essay Assignment (Due on Friday)
  • Cisco20



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