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Our Favorite Part of the State in a bite!

Our Favorite Part of the State in a bite!

Fall is finally here. It's our favorite season (sshhh..don't tell Spring). We love the optimism in fall. School is back into session, the leaves turning color, and most importantly, LA Kings return back to the ice!

What we really miss is that midwestern State Fair experience. Being able to pick apples right from the tree, and dip in our home-made recipe...the way Grandma used to make it. No preservatives, no extra stuff, just the best ingredients that leads to a creamy, buttery-soft, caramel flavor. 

Now we cant tell you if it's pronounced "Car-a-mel" or "Car-mel." And believe me, that's been debated heavily here at Marsatta. But what we can say, is there's something special about home-made caramel that fresh and soft. It's been our staple for over 15 years with our Pacific Ocean-salted Caramels, made with real Pacific Ocean salt. 

But this fall, we wanted to add fresh Apples. Not just any apples, but partnered with an Apple Farm in New Mexico, to get the that special tangy, crisp, taste from our childhood. A mile high in altitude (that's over 7000 ft folks), and I would argue, a mile-wide in attitude.

We use a "picking ladder" to get the best apples from the tree! Why are they always the toughest ones to reach, at the top? 

After a long's day of work, we had a lot of baskets of apples that we picked. 

Ok, full discloser...we didn't pick every apple in the bunch. We got a little help from a professional Apple picker. 

Now it's time for the Willy Wonka to do his magic. We start with a taking the apples, turning it into a ganache, that keeps it's taste profile, but adds a little more caramelization, and with a bit of spices. The results? An apple butter that is creamy, sweet, tangy. It gives this scent of Fall optimism, start of football season, and back-to-school. Oh, it's so great!


 Last but not least, our infusion process, with our added home-made caramel. Mix it into the caramel, and you might as well be at the State Farm, picking apples, judging livestock, and living the dream. 

Escape with us, just for one bite, to a simpler, nostalgic time. Try it today with our 4-piece gift box

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