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"Winter Collection" - Brazilian Samba in a Bonbon

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This holiday season, let's travel somewhere tropical. Enter our Brazilian Samba Bonbon.

What is Brazilian Samba? This chocolate dances with a positive energy. To the left, to the right, one step back, but with a push forward. Moving in place, almost animated, the flavors move in your mouth. All of this, inspired by Brazilian Samba. What is Brazilian Samba? It's an almost poetic interpretation of life, love, and quite literally, Brazilian culture. Samba isn't just a dance, but can be seen in Brazilian football, Brazilian cuisine, and even in Brazilian business. It's more than a movement, but a way of life. 

Ok, but What is Cachaça? Ah, Cachaça. The most popular spirit in Brazil. Almost like a spiced rum, but made from cane sugar, this drink is very popular in the official cocktail of Brazil, the Caipirinha, or a fruity cocktail typically made with mint, lemon, lime, and sometimes pineapple. This holiday season, take a bite, and travel to Brazil, where there is no snow, no worries, and a relaxed state of thought. 

The Flavor: Inspired by the Caipirinha, this fruity drink is bold, tropical, with hints of pineapple, lime, and a break from all things cold. The eddyness of the Cachaça shines through the dark bean-to-bar chocolate for an elemental warmth that redefines living. And at this subtle note, we present "Brazilian Samba."