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"Thanksgiving" - Orange Cognac Bonbon

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We love the idea of Trick 'n' Treating...a special and memorable experience that we look forward to each year. But what about a special thank you for the grown-ups that make it happen? Introducing our Orange Cognac Bonbon. A special treat that's actually a "trick" to turn your grown-ups into oversized kids. 

French Cognac with Real Oranges: This is Orange to a whole new level. Like a Christopher Nolan movie in a Bite. Inception. Dressed up in a chocolate for Halloween, this ganache is infused with a Grand Marnier liquor. Sourced from Paris, this is a remarkable cognac on it's own right. We then take real oranges, and caramelize the fruity flavor into infusion. With a dabble and a touch of orange peel, this ganache is a deep orange with complex notes and overtones. 

Taste & Aroma: This chocolate will take you to an orange state-of-mind. Now, that may be from the buzz from the alcohol, or maybe it's from the all the oranges infused in the chocolate. We really don't know, we're not a doctor (although we're dressed up as one this Halloween). What we can say, is that with one bite, you're on a whole different level.