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Large Easter Eggs (Solid Bean-to-Bar Chocolate with Caramel)

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A special large egg piece made with our bean-to-bar all-natural chocolate. They are shaped the size of a 'half egg', to make it easier to eat and enjoy. These eggs are solid, with caramel inside. Kid-friendly but fantastic for adults (that still want to be kids). 

Half-Egg Design is Easier to Enjoy: We design these eggs to be a little easier to enjoy, in the shape of 'half eggs.' They may not roll around, but if you're not careful, an Easter Bunny may snag these when you're not looking (this happens too often in our household).  

Bean-to-Bar Freshness You Can Taste: We source our cacao from the best farmers in South & Central America. After years of searching, we have partnered with a particular supplier that aligns with our values on fair trade. Their cacao is exquisite, flavorful, that are packed with rich nutrients.  

How It's Made: We roast the cacao in-house, dialed to right conditions in temperature and pressure to unlock the right flavor profiles for each grade. After the roasting, we take the chocolate and mix it in our refinery machine sourced from Europe. This machine gives the chocolate that velvety soft texture that melts in your mouth. We then add natural and organic sugar, with a mix of 74% cacao and sugar. 

Simple & Fresh: These chocolates only have two ingredients: Cacao and sugar. The Caramel is made from a secret family recipe that is made fresh for each batch each day.