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Promo Gift C.A.R.D.


This is a special "fundraising" gift card for Marsatta Chocolate! 

As we embark on a significant journey to enhance our production capabilities, marking a major milestone for our company, we're delighted to extend an exclusive opportunity to you. In our fundraising endeavor, we're offering substantial value to our supporters:

  • Purchase a $500 gift card and receive $750 in credit, or elevate your investment with a $1000 gift card to enjoy $1500 in credited value.
  • Embrace this chance to be part of our growth while securing exceptional savings for yourself.

These gift cards are the size of a 'credit card,' and are mailed to the shipping address. All gift cards include a complementary envelope. 

We can also issue this gift card in increments of $25 / $50 / $100 / $250 in case you would like to gift these giftcards to other individuals. 

------ A Letter From Chef Jeffray ------

Dear Marsatta Family,
I hope this note finds you basking in joyful moments, much like the ones we strive to create with our chocolates. As I sit down to write this, I'm flooded with memories of our journey together. From our earliest days, a quaint little shop filled with the aroma of roasting cacao, to the vibrant community of chocolate lovers we’ve become, your support has been our cornerstone.
Reflecting on the past few years, it’s astounding to see how far we've come together. Your unwavering enthusiasm has seen us through transformations, big and small, cheering us on as we refined our offerings, perfected our craft, and dreamed bigger. It's your feedback, your smiles, and your stories that have shaped Marsatta’s soul, turning us into a sanctuary of chocolate indulgence that goes beyond the ordinary.

Now, we're poised to embark on perhaps our most exciting adventure yet. We're on the cusp of expanding our capacity with a new factory, a leap that promises to bring even more of the Marsatta magic you love. But, to turn this dream into reality, we need a few more essential pieces of equipment. In this pivotal moment, we reach out to you with a special opportunity, a token of gratitude for being the pulse of Marsatta.
In a gesture that mirrors our journey's spirit, we've crafted an exclusive offer available only until the end of March. It's a chance for us to grow and for you to savor even more of the chocolate you adore:
  • A $1000 investment blossoms into a $1500 gift card.
  • $500 transforms into a $750 gift card.
  • Contribute $250 and receive a gift card worth $350.
This initiative is close to our hearts, designed to complete our factory's fundraising while simultaneously enriching your Marsatta experience. It’s our way of saying thank you, ensuring you continue to be part of our chocolaty escapades, filled with the finest ingredients and a touch of Marsatta magic.
Thank you for being the lifeblood of Marsatta, for your belief in the power of great chocolate, and for being with us every step of this sweet journey. Let’s continue to create memorable moments together, one chocolate at a time.
Warmest regards,
Chef Jeffray
Founder and Executive Chef
Marsatta Chocolate