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New Years Champagne Chocolate

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Celebrate the New Years with style...introducing our Champagne-infused Chocolate. Made with a unique infusion of real Champagne Wine. 

How It's Made: We take a special batch of exquisite Champagne from our key partner winery in France, and infused the sparkling wine into a Chocolate ganache that highlights the key attributes of the Champagne. This particular Champagne wine is bubbly, crisp, and is critically acclaimed for it's citrus notes. We then add a touch of orange peel garnish from our favorite orange tree, to add a little more 'zing' to the aftertaste. 

Aroma & Taste: On the nose, you will experience gentle aroma that highlights the citrus notes from the champagne. On the palate, the light and crisp nature of wine is complemented with the silky smooth, almost buttery of the dark chocolate ganache.