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Caramel Collection Package

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This is a very special package, that includes a 12-bonbon assortment of our favorite caramel-infused bonbons

A special 12 Bonbon Flight of Ingredients Across the World: We search for the most unique ingredients across the world. This collection, is a special "flight" for the bold, that really showcases our planet in a unique way. These salts provide a pull-and-tug effect on the caramel, unlocking a unique sense of flavor with a different lens.

Flavors may include the following in each batch: 

  • Pacific Ocean Salt:
    • Flavor Profile: Creamy finish with a taste of the Ocean
    • About: This is the world's greatest caramel chocolate. Made with Salt that we personally secure from the Pacific Ocean. Distilled three times for the ultimate expression in a chocolate. 
  • Carolina Reaper Salt: 
    • Flavor Profile: The World's Hottest Chocolate
    • About: Warning! this is a very spicy chocolate. How spicy? We wear 3 pairs of gloves in it's preparation. A rite of passage in some cultures, this chocolate separates the brave from the craven. 
  • Alderwood Sea Salt:
    • Flavor Profile: Smokey with a hint of the mountains
    • About: This chocolates takes us back to the mountains, camping, and the outdoors. A smoky infusion that just is lovely.  
  • Ghost Pepper Salt: 
    • Flavor Profile: Flash Spicy Heat
    • About: One of our most popular caramels that is intertwined with Marsatta's history. Very popular with the caramel. 
  • Pink Himalayan Salt:
    • Flavor Profile: A romantic appeal with a touch of sweet
    • About: A special salt from the Himalayan mountains that has a natural pink aesthetic 
  • Citrus Herb Sea Salt: 
    • Flavor Profile: Savory Sweet
    • About: This leads to the most balanced chocolate, that maximizes flavor by hitting all the right notes, especially with a savory aroma