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"Platinum Label" - 98% Bean-To-Bar Chocolate

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Award-winning bean-to-bar chocolates. This is a special chocolate that is for those "Guilt Free" moments.

Freshness You Can Taste: We source our cacao from the best farmers in South & Central America. After years of searching, we have partnered with a particular supplier that aligns with our values on fair trade. Their cacao is exquisite, flavorful, that are packed with rich nutrients.  

Designed for Patients with Diabetes, by Patients with Diabetes: In 2020, our Executive Chef was diagnosed with Diabetes. Having to completely change his lifestyle, he realized there need to be a chocolate that did not impact the blood sugar levels (specifically blood glucose levels). Unfortunately, organic sugar can spike blood sugar levels. However, a special type of sweetener made from Monk Fruit, does not impact blood sugar levels in minimal doses. After tinkering, he design this special bar, that provides significant health benefits with a smooth chocolate experience.

Keto-Friendly and Tastes Fantastic: 98% cacao. You may think this sounds crazy, but this bar taste remarkably delicious. How? Through a proprietary process developed by our Executive Chef, this chocolate takes advantage of numerous unique techniques to unlock significant flavor and reduce the unpleasant aftertastes of low-sugar chocolates. This secret recipe is guarded lock & key is our Marsatta Safe. 

Aroma & Taste: On the nose, you're notice a variety of notes from sophisticated fruity hints, to bold espresso. On the palate, these notes are expanded with a plethora of flavor profiles, each independent yet drumming to the same beat. The texture of the chocolate is velvety smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, that amplifies the orchestra of flavors. 

Freshness You Can Taste: These chocolates only have two ingredients: Cacao, and monk fruit sweetener.